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FILIPPO COMERIO (1747 - 1827)

Baccante with Cupid.

37 x 22 cm

The painting is accpompanied by a card by Emilio Negro, September 26th 1999. The painting, oil on board, it is well preserved and depicted a Baccante with Cupid. Since the Greek antiquity the cult of Bacchus (in Greek Dioniso) attracted particulary the young women. His devoted, call Menadi or Baccanti, they are represented then as attractive young girl and scantily dressed, with the head crowned by leaves of ivy, the sacred plant to the pagan god, while they are holding up in hands cups of wine. Cupid (Amore in Latin and Eros in Greek), the god of the love, is represented here at the moment when, with an arrow, is going to pierce the heart of the young baccante; this is posed in total abandonment of the senses. As for the stylistic characteristics of the artwork, are in the presence of a painting decidedly pleasant, executed by a valiant artist active between the eighteenth and nineteenth century, in whose cultured and refined ways are combined Lombard, Venetians and Bolognese manners. A multifaceted culture in which there are significant characters derived from the works of Felice Giani and Giuseppe Bernardino Bison, which are highlighted above all in the elegantly elongated shapes of the figures and it the bright shades of enamelled colors. Therefore, for these reasons, it is possible to return this artwork to Filippo Comerio who was one of the leading exponents of Italian neoclassicism. The Lombard artist was active in Romagna and in the north-western Italy, where he created complex decorative cycle of considerable originality. To confirm this attributive proposal it will suffice to compare the artwork under examination with other paintings of the Lombard artist, such as, "Psiche incoronata da Amore", or better still with "Allegoria dell'inverno", where the feminine figure in the lower left is mirrored in our baccate. Nor should we conceal the fact that in these paintings, like ours, a savory and quick painting emerges, suitable to describe tapered and seductive feminine figures, typical of the Comerio's artwork.

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