Lot N: 26

Arte africana

Oba head, Benin Nigeria

19 x 21 cm

Object type Sculture


Period Arte africana


Bronze head with dark patina depicting the idealized head of a king (Oba) of the Benin people. Above each eye there are four short scarifications and two longer ones in the middle of the forehead, probably originally inlaid with iron strips.The neck is represented compleately covered with a coral bead collar. Some anthropologists think that this type of representation does not identify with a sovereign, but with a trophy head of a defeated enemy. NOTE - See: Benin Oba Head, bronze, British Museum (online collection. Museum number: Af1897,1217.3)

Starting Price: Euro 1.500,00

Sold at: Euro 4.000,00

Estimate: Euro 3.000,00 / 3.500,00


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