Lot N: 432

BORIS GEORGIEV (1888 - 1962)

Pandit Madan Mohan Malavia.

35 x 47 cm

Mixed media on card

Object type Opere su carta


Period Otto/Novecento


Signature and dated 1936. Provenance: Virginia Giacometti Piazzalunga Georgiev.
Publication: Plamena Dimitrova Racheva, Boris Georgiev of Varna, Ed. Kibea, pp. 77 e 132.

Interesting information about Pandit Madan Mohan Malavia, spiritual leader of the Brahmans, can be found in Boris Georgiev's publications from India. He relates how the Indian poetess Sarojini Naidu introduced him to Malavia, the founder of the Pan-Indian National University (the Hindu University) in Benares. Among Malavia's contributions to education was the inclusion of the Indian cultural tradition, its philosophy and arts, with a view to the preservation and the enrichment of the cultural heritage. In order to allow Indian young people to complete their studied in their home country instead of England, the university's curriculum was organized in Western style, but emphasis was placed on Sanskrit culture and traditional science.
In this portrait, the artist sought to emphasize the characteristic Brahman symbol on the forehead, the subject's concentration - details expressing Malavia's spirituality. The image's dignity shows clearly that the subject belongs to the highest Hinduist caste. The artist left behind accurate information on the story of this portrait: "A ware of Madan Malavia's negative attitude to art, I dared not make a drawing of the sick old man who was busy with issues of utmost significance. I was amazed by the deep interest and understanding in his words about art and that he shared my opinion of art's ethical mission in this world. He willingly agreed to sit for a sketch. He got out of bed, took a snow-white piece of cloth out of the drawer, with trembling hands made a turban around his head and put a sign on his forehead which undoubtedly had symbolical meaning for him. Pandit Madan Mohan Malavia insisted that I go with him to Benares and give a few lectures on the ethics of art and its role in the overall evolution of humankind. Unfortunately, the schedule of my trip in southern India prevented me from accepting that great honour".
The portrait is executed in Boris Georgiev's characteristic colour pencils technique on toned paper.

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